Business organization is increasingly influenced by technologies, but what technologies will improve your day-to-day business? We have carefully read the article by on the 32 technologies to be monitored this year and we have selected 5 that are, in our opinion, the technologies to know absolutely when running an SME.

Customer Care

Using the data to provide a customized, adaptive and best-quality customer experience that is across the company’s various channels is the next strategic evolution of the digital experience. Knowing your customers is paramount to selling your products or services.

Social business

An approach that has long combined technologies with an entrepreneurial mindset and communities more and more connected and therefore more efficient. Social enterprise is developed and modernized through a set of ideas for strategies and strategies, as well as new methods of collaboration and communication.

The Big Data

All the information gathered via emails, messages, videos, GPS signals, commercial transactions … are a gold mine for companies. The Big Data industry is growing. The exploitation of Big Data opens many doors to companies in terms of development, doors until now unknown …

Open APIs

Applications Programming Interface. The API is a programming interface that allows you to “plug in” to an application to exchange data.

Collaborative economics

Collaborative or sharing economics involves using the web as a platform to exchange goods and services more directly. In strong expansion, it favors horizontal relations and organization, on an equal footing. Collaborative economics relies on values ​​of social bond and ecology and above all values ​​use to possession.

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